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Kim Pattiruhu


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Pijan Dusee



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Ellen Rijk

Ellen Rijk (1955) lives and works in Tilburg, NL. Predominantly she is active as a visual artist but also works in the field of theatre and film. Her work is shown in national and international galleries, festivals and various other platforms.

Although originally a ceramist, Ellen makes use of extremely diverse materials. She integrates drawings, digital images, silkscreen, colour, photos, video and language, often in installation form. Water is an important thematic element, not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a fluid, transparent material. Ellen Rijk mixes solid components such as ceramic, wood and metal with more vulnerable elements such as water and paraffin.

She frequently combines her individual works to form an integrated installation, like a life-size diorama, which forms a pas de deux with the exhibition space. These large installations are worlds which have to be physically entered and which literally and figuratively encase the viewer and make them a component of the work. Seduction rather than confrontation is the key to the work.

Movement is a recurring element in her work. Water, waves, boats, dancing feet, dancing skirts, falling men, dancing and tumbling swimmers; the movement of being on the road, or coming home.

Never violent, always slow and contemplative.

Besides her artwork, since 2012 she organizes art projects and artworkshops for children and young ones in refugee-camps (Azc’s) in the Netherlands for Stichting de Vrolijkheid.


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Niek Van Hulten


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Frido van der Blij


Member of the administrative team

Gözde Aslanhan

Gözde was born on November 25, 1991 in Istanbul. She graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2018. She is currently a student in Sociology at Istanbul University, where she will soon receive her second BA degree. She has worked voluntarily as an assistant in various organizations for minority youth and women since 2009. She has organizes annual scholarship for minority and refugee university students and has implemented workshops on post-school educations and human rights especially for minority youth in Turkey. She participated as a field worker and researcher for the research review book project on Minorities between 2015-2018, She is currently former minority fellow for the Program of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Gözde, established the “Social Development and Awareness Association” for refugees, minorities and disadvantaged group of people in Gaziantep. She carried out in 6 different social cohesion projects as a coordinator. In the second half of 2019, Gözde received funding from the EU commission with her xenophobia project. She continues to project execution activities with her team in Turkey. She is currently working with Spotlight Team regarding on refugees, human rights and minorities issues in order to make initiatives internationally

founder & Director

Mostafa Betaree


Member of the administrative team

Marta Barbir

Marta was born on the 12th of January 2000, in Varaždin, Croatia. She is a dedicated second-year international business administration student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Throughout the years she developed a strong sense of social issues by volunteering in various organizations, and her goal is to combine her passion for business with social impact. Therefore, as of October 2019, she is a part of the Forward Incubator, a programme that helps newcomers upscale their businesses, and is supporting Mostafa on his entrepreneurial journey to bring the Spotlight into the spotlight. Apart from that, she is an active member of the marketing committee of the Women’s Business Network, promoting gender equality in the corporate world

Member of the administrative team

Mahbooba Yousuf

Mahbooba Yousuf was born in Kabul Afghanistan. Currently, Mahbooba is studying software engineer at the University of Eindhoven. She has been working with Spotlight Team for 2 years. She is dedicating herself for many humanitarian issues for instance, migration, human rights


Nai player , workshop leader ,project officer

Hamed Alshaabi


singer , Ud player , workshop leader ,project officer

Mohamad Alsamna

 Mohammed is Palestinian- Syrian, was born in Syria. He has been started to his career with classical Arabic singing in Syria.
He attended at the Palestinian National Orchestra as a lead singer. Furthermore, Mohammed has organized festivals abroad with the Palestinian embassy.
He worked as a music teacher to teached basic music lessons for children at UNRWA International Organizations Palestinian Refugee camps. In 2014, he moved to the Netherlands. He started to build his career voluntarily as a singer for humanitarian artworks. Currently, Mohammed is working voluntarily with Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Catching Cultures Orchestra, various musicians and cultures and JIP choir. By the way, he is still working voluntarily to give a music lesson for children and one of a group member of Spotlight as a lead singer, project officer at Kanaan group .

choreography , Dancer , project officer , workshops leader

Jol Alholo

Jol Alholo was born in Syria. He graduated of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Damascus, Syria. So far, he has been involved in many dance shows as a choreographer and dancer in many countries. Currently, he is a dance choreographer and theater actor and project officer at Spotlight Team

choreography , Dancer , project officer , workshops leader

Ramez Mahmoud


choreography , Dancers , project officer , workshops leader


AnaDanst is a dance school for the Oriental dances located in Eindhoven. The dancers of Ana’s show group el Fatinat provide shows and workshops in Raks Sharki, Shaabi, and Folklore, among others. In recent years they became acquainted with Dabke who now also belongs to a part of the repertoire.

The ladies of El Fatinat dance with a lot of passion and are versatile. That makes it almost self-evident that they enter into a partnership with the Spotlight Team to execute great projects together. The composition of the group varies per project


Nader Issa

Nader Issa, born Damascus Syria 11/12/1974 I have been working as a saxophonist since 1996 I worked with multiple bands in Syria and I play alone as a one-man show. and the music was my only career. My family and I left Syria in 2013 due to the situation and the war in Syria. I first traveled to Thailand for two and a half years. Then I came to the Netherlands in September 2015 with my family with the UNHCR. Currently, I am looking to build my career again in the Netherlands. I played With Claudia de Bray in 2016 50 optredens.
Nader Issa

Member of the administrative team , dancer

Jeanne Labergue

Jeanne Labergue was born on the 26th of March 2000 in a small town in Southern France. She is currently studying International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management. She finds great interest in both the Human Rights and Artistic areas: she started dancing at the age of 5, taking a wide range of classes going from ballet to traditional dances. She got experience in the Human Rights area through UN debate simulations and later on in Forward Incubator where she worked on building an Arabic radio. It is also there that she met Mostafa and became part of the Spotlight Team as a contemporary dancer and a member of the management team

singer ,Guitar player , Spotlight youth


Hossein was born on August 19, 1995, in Tehran. He graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2017. He is currently a student in Dutch Language Center at Tilburg University.
He has worked voluntarily as an electric guitar player in music evens with the Vrolijkheid group and Spotlight team.
He is currently working with Spotlight Team, He is a guitar player in Spotlight youth band.
He has started playing electric guitar when he was at the age of 20 and started his vocal classes 2 years ago.

singer, guitar player , spotlight youth

Parsa Yousefi

 Parsa is a singer and guitar player. He has been living in the Netherlands about 4 months. He has written almost 7 original songs as a composer.
Mostly, he likes to sing rock and play acoustic and electric guitar.
Since He came to the Netherlands, he has participated in some humanitarian- artwork performances in different cities with Spotlight Team. For instance, he has played guitar with spotlight team which name is Sufi Blue show in Utrecht.

piano player, spotlight youth

Rinas nassan

Rinas nassan was born on April 4, 2002, in Aleppo. After finishing middle school he went to the institute of fine art in sulimany, Iraq. He finished two years in the department of music there. He has been playing the piano for two and a half years and he has worked voluntarily and professionally in the field of music playing and teachings and composing

Dabke dancer , spotlight youth

Thaer Rahma


Dabke dancer , spotlight youth


he is 27 years old and has been living in the Netherlands. He studied social work in public policy. In addition, he did an internship at special education center. Currently, he is dabke dancer in Spotlight Team

Dabke dancer , spotlight youth



piano player

Fouad Mustafa Khorshid

Fouad Mustafa Khorshid was born in Iraq. He is 27 years old. He started to play piano as one of his addition hobby. Since 2016 he has been living in the Netherlands. Fouad knows that he could thrive himself more with music especially where he lives in Utrecht. Currently, he is one of the piano player in Spotlight Team


Member of the administrative team in Germany , Darbuka player , workshop leader ,

Mohammad Saleh

Mohammad Saleh was born on 11 January 1992 in the Yarmouk camp in Syria.
He studied at the Faculty of Law in Lebanon and then in Damascus.
Because of the war, Mohammad Saleh had to seek asylum in Sudan, where he worked there individually to help refugees from Syria, Ethiopia, and Eritrea by providing in-kind and psychological assistance to the refugees.
In Syria, Mohammad Saleh has contributed to many cultural and social projects with UNRWA.
In 2015, Mohammad took refuge in Germany, where he worked with refugees and founded the FHF organization (Flüchtlinge helfen Flüchtlingen), where this organization is concerned with facilitating and assisting refugees in their daily lives.
Mohammad Saleh also worked with the German BIM ( Organization Bildungs ​​in Migranten Hand )
Where he performed a number of workshops  with children (music, photography)
Mohammad Saleh is a musician in 3 bands, and through music, he helps refugees integrate
Mohammad has been working with the Department of Integration and Refugees in the German city of Reutlingen since 01/10/2019, helping refugees find suitable job opportunities.
Mohammad Saleh has been working with spotlight since its founding and through music and art tries to help refugees integrate well into their new societies and try to solve the psychological problems of refugees in order to be an effective member of European society


Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is born in New Delhi, India and lives there.  He studied at the ARSD College, Doula Kuan and Delhi University. After his studies he started more dancing and teaching. He became a very good teacher and dancer. Amit can dance and teach in different dance styles like Hip-hop, Bollywood, Afrofusion, Salsa, etc. But his specialty is Bhangrafunk. He followed courses and workshops of many great national and international teachers. He is a frequently asked teacher.
He teaches at Sri Ramakrishna Senior Secondary school, in Art Vibe dance studio and Fahad Flow Academy of Arts and Dance and more. He also teaches in workshops and for wedding choreographies.
From August till November 2019 Amit was in the Netherlands as an assistant from Hedwig van Wezel with the Dynamo Dancers. He was teaching in a lot of workshops in elementary-  and high schools, dance studio’s in the Netherlands, like Roosendaal, Almere, Rotterdam, the Hague, etc. In Germany in Wermelskirchen. He also danced in performances in Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom for the Rabobanque and in the Production of Sufi Blue in Utrecht. He followed classes in the HipHopHouse in Rotterdam and in Centre de danse du Marais in Paris
Together with Hedwig van Wezel he is founder of the project ” Show your culture”

Member of the administrative team

Anika Mishra

I am Anika Mishra. I was born on the 3rd of May, 2001, in Rourkela, India. I am a first-year International economics & business economics student at Erasmus school of economics, Erasmus university. Art has always played an integral role in my life as I was trained in Indian classical dance and music from the age of 5. As a school student, I considered emphasising on social impact as I engaged with an NGO for mentally-challenged children and organised some workshops on what I learnt in dance from 2017-18. Since October 2019, I am also a part of forward incubator as a student consultant, where I help Mostafa to make spotlight successful in achieving its vision and goals