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kannan group

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The kanaan Project”, one of the projects of Spotlight International Art Organization
Spotlight is a humanitarian art  organization with efforts of newcomers who are trying to organize themselves, to engage in the Dutch cultural community and to create a new and diverse footprint in this arena in a great cooperation with local cultural
Kanaan is cosisting with band and dance group. Its a group of musicians and dancers from both newcomers and Dutch. This band expresses the culture and folklore of the Levant through its musical and dance . In addition, at the and of the project that realize to the project with unique creativity and Dutch touch to this artistic experience as a kind of creative integration of civilizations.This band consists of a musical group dancer group ( newcomers and Dutch) are seeking to develop their musical cadres included a variety of musical and dance able to attract and encourage the public newcomers and the local community to meet and meet through events
Variety combines music and other arts
And other activities such as food ..etc
The project succeeded in organizing more than 20 musical social event in the Netherlands and also participate in total 10 big festivals in the Netherlands as the project team organized approximately 15 worshops social music and dance in various Dutch cities. Under the umbrella of the “Spotlight Team” organization, which we are linking Kanaan project with other projects and to ensure that disseminate of the project at all. We are keen to show the potential points in Europe and the world



Kanaan is a music band and folk dance group, consisting of Dutch people, minority, newcomers from the Levant.


The main aim of this project is to let this minority and newcomers express their creativity through music and dance, to build bridges between them and the Dutch art community as well as to support integration


The project creates an open space for local people and this minority group and newcomers to interact and learn more about different cultures.