The Spotlight Team is launching two campaigns this year in 2020. Join this action.

You can participate in two ways by donating to us or by tagging your videos – by sending an e-mail. We believe that this solidarity can be the voice of millions. It’s time to take action for a stronger world and humanity!

You can review our campaigns here. If you think it is suitable for you, please contact us and we can act together!

Come on join us!

Applause for humanity!

We eagerly invite you to participate in our campaign – we believe that this energy will echo all over the world as we applaud for human rights! It’s time to wake up and, show and promote solidarity. The world needs your support – we applaud for that purpose! With this campaign, we will emphasize basic human rights and create awareness of global human right issues. Our goal is to fight prejudice and eliminate discrimination. And we need to act together to achieve that! You can choose a human right issue to applaud to those who got affected by it, and those who fight it – post a short video of your statement and short applause and tag us! Let’s support this campaign together and send a strong message – take action and become a part of our community! Let’s applaud together for human rights!

When the World pauses, Music and Dance continue

The world stopped due to coronavirus being major concern, and artists all over the globe are facing a challeng of how to connect with each other and their audience. To provide them with an opportunity to do so online, Spotlight and friends organised a campaign named “When the World puses, music and dance will continue”. The potential participants will be able to either contribute to the current music video and add their improvistation on it, or come up with some different work of art they wish to showcase. The end result will become a rich harmony with participants from all over the world. The photos of participant’s instruments, their portraits, and thoughts will also be posted alongside the music and dance ciontent, daily on Spotlight Team International social media accounts and offical website.