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Our Vision

Creating a space for people from different cultures to come together and combine their creativity to produce intercultural artistic, social change and humanitarian projects.

Targets and missions

our target is Residents in Refugee camps to create activity. Working on minority issues ,talented newcomers, artists , human rights activists&defenders .

Our main aim to break the ice between cultures in order to harmonize with social cohesion, change the stereotype toward minorities, refugees, new cultures and allow minorities to stay loyal to their culture to disseminate diversity in all around the world. Raise awareness on human rights.

Our Creative Team

Member of the administrative team

Marta Barbir

Marta was born on the 12th of January 2000, in Varaždin, Croatia. She is a dedicated second-year international business administration student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Throughout the years she developed a strong sense of social issues by volunteering in various organizations, and her goal is to combine her passion for business with social impact. Therefore, as of October 2019, she is a part of the Forward Incubator, a programme that helps newcomers upscale their businesses, and is supporting Mostafa on his entrepreneurial journey to bring the Spotlight into the spotlight. Apart from that, she is an active member of the marketing committee of the Women’s Business Network, promoting gender equality in the corporate world

Member of the administrative team

Gözde Aslanhan

Gözde was born on November 25, 1991 in Istanbul. She graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2018. She is currently a student in Sociology at Istanbul University, where she will soon receive her second BA degree. She has worked voluntarily as an assistant in various organizations for minority youth and women since 2009. She has organizes annual scholarship for minority and refugee university students and has implemented workshops on post-school educations and human rights especially for minority youth in Turkey. She participated as a field worker and researcher for the research review book project on Minorities between 2015-2018, She is currently former minority fellow for the Program of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Gözde, established the “Social Development and Awareness Association” for refugees, minorities and disadvantaged group of people in Gaziantep. She carried out in 6 different social cohesion projects as a coordinator. In the second half of 2019, Gözde received funding from the EU commission with her xenophobia project. She continues to project execution activities with her team in Turkey. She is currently working with Spotlight Team regarding on refugees, human rights and minorities issues in order to make initiatives internationally

founder & Director

Mostafa Betaree


Member of the administrative team , dancer

Jeanne Labergue

Jeanne Labergue was born on the 26th of March 2000 in a small town in Southern France. She is currently studying International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management. She finds great interest in both the Human Rights and Artistic areas: she started dancing at the age of 5, taking a wide range of classes going from ballet to traditional dances. She got experience in the Human Rights area through UN debate simulations and later on in Forward Incubator where she worked on building an Arabic radio. It is also there that she met Mostafa and became part of the Spotlight Team as a contemporary dancer and a member of the management team

Member of the administrative team

Mahbooba Yousuf

Mahbooba Yousuf was born in Kabul Afghanistan. Currently, Mahbooba is studying software engineer at the University of Eindhoven. She has been working with Spotlight Team for 2 years. She is dedicating herself for many humanitarian issues for instance, migration, human rights